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The Balm Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil Salve (500mg / 1000mg)

The Balm Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil Salve (500mg / 1000mg) - Healthfull Hemp

The Balm Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil Salve (500mg / 1000mg)

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Healthfull Hemp "THE BALM" is the perfect remedy to make headaches, muscle soreness, and achy joints disappear! Our thoughtful combination of natural ingredients include coconut oil, beeswax, and a dose of potent hemp extract. Created from top-quality hemp the potential to naturally relieve aches & pains with finesse, giving your body what it needs.

Our balm has beautiful soft notes of coconut with undertones of lavender that relax and rejuvenate.  This balm is formulated to calm stressed and sensitive skin.  Our calming hemp extract blend is perfect for anyone looking for a natural relief that could help with muscle pain, joint stiffness and arthritis pain.  Every Healthfull Hemp product is infused with the highest quality hemp extract from plants using the most advanced methods and tested for purity!

Naturally Grown In Colorado - Vegan - Non-GMO - Cruelty Free - Made In The USA - BPA Free

  • Absorbs quickly into the skin for fast relief
  • Packed with healing antioxidants
  • Moisturizes and soothes skin
  • Less than THC 0.3%

Hemp Extract Topical - What's The Benefit?

A high quality hemp extract topical provides the advantage of being able to apply the active therapeutic hemp extract directly to the site of aggravation or discomfort.  This is particularly useful for application to joint areas or superficial muscle tissue, as the cannabidiol compound will diffuse across the dermal layers directly to the site of pain and inflammation.

How To Use

Apply a small dime size portion of the cream on affected area. Rub conservatively on affected area. Allow to absorb into your skin. Once cream has covered chosen region, leave on skin for a few hours for maximum effect. Apply as necessary throughout the day. Store in a cool and dry place.

For external use only. Non edible and non psychoactive. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. 


Natural Cold Pressed Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Rosemary Essential Oil, Marjoram Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Vitamin E and Hemp Extract Oil


2 ounces 500mg

4 ounces 1000mg

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